Meditation Mentoring Program (MMP)

Chris is currently working individually with students through his Meditation Mentoring Program, which now includes a monthly group meditation practice period and discussion.

This group is intentionally kept small. Currently there are a few spaces available.

Meditation Mentoring Program


Wednesday, January 18 from 6:30-8:45pm.

Meditation practice from 6:30-7:15pm, followed by a talk and Q&A from 7:30-8:45pm.

This program will be hybrid (in person and online).

Drop-in class. All are welcome.

Cambridge Insight Meditation Center

Meditation class and dharma discussion. Beginners and experienced meditators welcome.

Feb. 4, Saturday. 9:30-11:00am

Pre-registration required (space limited)

Center for Mindfulness & Insight Meditation, Wenham, MA.

Residential Program
Dates: Feb 17, 2023 – Feb 20, 2023
Days: Friday – Monday (Number of Nights: 3 nights)

Register here

How do we cultivate and sustain a way through life that is both personally relevant and aimed at the deepest freedom taught by the Buddha? How do we interpret and practice with the nostalgic and aspirational teachings offered in the suttas and commentaries while navigating the pace and pressures of modern life?

This program explores the notion of path as an expression of clear intention, direction, and a deep sense of purpose in life, and how Dharma practice can help achieve this. To support this inquiry we will turn to aspects of the Dharma which have historically guided students in making life affirming choices supporting the ideal of liberation. With an emphasis on discernment–and using meditation, reflection, silence, and wise speech–we will explore the coupling of fierce determination and gentle embracing in body, speech, and mind as we contemplate the following teachings: skillfulness, the Three Jewels, refuge and renunciation, effort/energy and non-attachment, and two core archetypes, the arahant and the bodhisattva. Meditation practice will include insight (vipassana), kindness (metta), and compassion (karuna).

The path of Dharma includes having a set of tools and practices that can be utilized in practical ways to relate to ourselves, others, and the world we live in, yet it is more than that. In daily life, the direct experience of path offers us a felt sense of being held; there is a “place” to which we belong and a direction we are headed. There is a sense of being “located” right where we need to be, a place where we can hold both our adversities and aspirations with greater equanimity.

Noble Silence:
This program includes dedicated periods of both wise speech and noble silence. Some contemplative exercises may involve mindful speaking and listening. Noble silence is to be upheld at all other times.

Experience Level:
Suitable for beginning and experienced practitioners.

Covid-19 Safety Protocol:
Please review our Covid-19 Safety Protocols here:

A Body of Wisdom: The Buddha’s First Teaching on Mindfulness

A half-day retreat with Chris Crotty

The Buddha’s teachings on mindfulness begin with the body. Often a place of discomfort, pain, or self-consciousness, our bodies can be a source of stress in our lives. For each of us, having a body means inevitable change and illness. As much as we might like, we cannot control our body. In the end, our bodies all share the same fate. This same body however, can be a source of understanding that leads to greater freedom from suffering. In this half-day retreat we will explore the Buddhas’ instructions on meditating with the body through periods of sitting and walking meditation, and personal reflection aimed at the deepest truths of the human body.    

Beginners and experienced practitioners welcome.   

Retreat will include guided meditation, silence, and teacher reflections with an opportunity to ask questions.  

Feb. 4, Saturday. 9:30am-1:00pm

Pre-registration required (space limited)

Center for Mindfulness & Insight Meditation, Wenham, MA.

Self-Retreat Winter Intensive
Integrating solitude and community

In this innovative program a small group of students will be guided through the process of designing and completing their own self retreat. Integrating community and connection with others (sangha), individualized teacher support, and the structure of retreat, the Self Retreat Intensive provides students at all levels with the opportunity to deepen their understanding of the retreat format while achieving greater discernment, independence, and confidence in their meditation practice.    

Buddhist teacher Chris Crotty has drawn from his nearly two years in silent retreat–including six self retreats–to provide students a unique opportunity to familiarize themselves with the benefits of self retreat. Students in the Self Retreat Intensive will choose a retreat format dedicated to sitting and walking meditation, or a combination of meditation and study of Buddhist texts. 

Over five weeks students will meet once with Chris individually and twice as a group, during which time we will explore different retreat models, approaches, and intentions. The group sessions will emphasize a full range of questions pertaining to self retreat: how does one keep a schedule? How do we navigate other responsibilities or other people in our house/apartment? How are practice related questions addressed on self retreat? What about motivation in the absence of other meditators or a teacher to ring the bell? These and many other questions will be explored.  

During the initial five week period students will develop a personalized retreat model that reflects their meditation experience, schedule, lifestyle, and meditation related goals. Students will then have one month to complete their self retreat, ranging anywhere from two to seven nights. As part of the time leading up to the self-retreat students will be supported in determining the appropriate length of their retreat. Retreats can be completed at home, at a rented cottage or a friend’s house, even a hotel room or Air B&B. Most students are likely to develop a strategy to complete their retreat in their home or apartment, so no special location is necessary for the self-retreat. 

At the end of the month, when everyone has completed their self retreat, we will all meet together again to reflect on our retreat time and learn from each other’s experience and insights.

Five nights of silent teacher led retreat (or special permission from Chris Crotty)

To Apply
Simply send an email to Chris ( explaining that you would like to participate in the Self Retreat Winter Intensive along with a list of your prior retreat experience, including the length of your retreats, the teacher(s) who taught them, and their length calculated by the total number of nights. If you are accepted into the program your spot can be reserved by paying your registration fee. Space is limited; applying early is encouraged.  

•Supported level: $250

•Base level: $300

•Generosity level: $350

(Please pay the highest amount you can afford to support others with less capacity)    

•March 11: Group Session #1. 9:00am-1:00pm EST (Program start date)

•March 11–April 15: Individual teacher meetings with Chris (45 minutes scheduled on a Mon, Wed, or Fri)

•April 15: Group Session #2. 9:00am-1:00pm EST

•April 15-May 13: Self-Retreat (Students complete their own self retreat during this time frame)

•May 13: Group Session #3. 9:00am-1:00pm EST (Program end date)

Full attendance is required