Meditation Mentoring

Meditation Mentoring

In-depth exploration and guidance in your meditation practice with Buddhist teacher, Chris Crotty.

…Are you able to appreciate the attributes of the Dhamma from personal experience? Do you know its attributes for yourself? Do you know that it has been well explained by the Buddha? That it can be empirically experienced? That it gives immediate results? That it invites one to come and see, to realize the truth for oneself?

Go to a teacher and practice systematically under his or her guidance…your experience will be satisfactory and you will realize special insights. You will also realize the Dhamma is endowed with the aforementioned attributes.
– Mahasi Sayadaw

Meditation Mentoring consists of One-to-One instruction in mindfulness, or insight (Vipassana) meditation. Reoccurring sessions support you in beginning or refining a meditation practice, while learning how to integrate meditation into daily life. Insight meditation combines the development of concentration and mindfulness, which develop clarity, with kindness and equanimity to stabilize the mind and heart. Meditation is a path for living with greater presence, less stress, and overall well-being in mind and body. Traditionally, insight meditation is a complete path for the alleviation of stress and suffering, based on the wisdom teachings of the Buddha.

For interested practitioners, meditation mentoring may include guidance in the integration of practice and study.

How Meditation Mentoring Works:

  • Sessions are 45 or 30 minutes by Skype or phone (if needed).
  • Recurring session weekly or every other week.
  • Chris is available between sessions to address any questions.
  • An initial two month commitment is recommended.
  • Sessions are paid for monthly, payable at the start of each month.
  • Beginning January 1, 2018, mentees are required to participate in at least one residential retreat annually with Chris. Retreats are offered seasonally: Spring (7-nights); Summer (7-nights); Fall (3-nights); Winter (2-nights).  The winter retreat satisfies the annual retreat requirement for students sitting their first retreat; students with retreat experience should plan to attend a retreat of 3-nights or longer.

NOTE: Due to a volume of requests that I cannot accommodate, Meditation Mentoring is full with a wait list. Please consider Buddhist Pastoral Care & Counsel for which there are a few open spots remaining.

45 mins biweekly $300.00 USD

45 mins 4X month $600.00 USD

30 mins biweekly $200.00 USD

30 mins 4X month $400.00